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1、LiteOS system, 3mp+3mp pixels
2、Bidirectional intercom, comes with echo cancellation, SD card recording, on demand
3, maximum storage 128G memory card, solar panel 8 watt monocrystalline silicon
4, white light (fill light) and infrared switching 1W * 8 (factory default infrared mode, can be manually switched to infrared mode)
5, motion detection, PIR sensor
6, detection wake-up, cell phone active wake-up
7, AI humanoid automatic tracking, very fast push within 1S
8, built-in 4 sections 2600 mAh total 10400mAH lithium battery
9, 12 times zoom, waterproof IP66
10, Lens 3.6MM + 6MM, indoor and outdoor universal models

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Storage: Memory card plus cloud storage
Zoom: 12x zoom
Ball size: 2.5 inch
Environment: Indoor and outdoor
Waterproof grade: IP66
Voltage: 5v
Material: ABS engineering plastic
Working Temperature: -10~50
Networking: WiFi/4G
Image Sensor: CMOS
Lens: 3.6mm+6mm
Signal-to-noise ratio: 40
Backlight Compensation: Support
Camera Sensor Size: 1/3
Bracket Type: All-in-One Bracket
Minimum Illumination: 0.001
Focal Length: 2.88-12mm
Aperture: F3.0
IR night vision distance: 10m
Power supply: Solar + built-in lithium battery
Controller: T40N
Operating System: LiteOS
Sensor Size: : 1/2.8: CMOS*2
Audio: : Two-way intercom with echo cancellation
Recording: SD card recording, on-demand playback
Storage: 4G/8G/16G/32G/64G/128G: optional
Solar panel power: 8W monocrystalline silicon
Night shooting: white light (fill light) and infrared switching (factory default infrared mode)
White light power: 4W LED 1W * 8 (factory default infrared mode, can be manually switched to infrared mode)
IR power: 4W: 1W*8pcs (factory default IR mode)
Motion Detection: PIR Sensor
Wake-up mode: Wake-up on Detection, Wake-up on cell phone initiative
AI humanoid auto-tracking
Push: Extremely fast push within 1S
Built-in 4 x 2600mAh Li-ion batteries totaling 10400mAH

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